Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Angelic Junior Wildlife Participants!


Madeline and Rosina Reed

We’ve had the pleasure of three young ladies joining us as “Junior Wildlife Experience” participants this week – on Monday it was the turn of sisters Madeline (9) and Rosina (6) from just outside Chichester.  The girls were here on holiday with Mum (Charlotte) and Grandma Wright who treated them to this wonderful wildlife experience.  This was the family’s first visit to Seaview Wildlife – they saw the Junior Wildlife Experience on our website and decided it would be just what both Madeline and Rosina would enjoy – and it seemed they weren’t disappointed – both girls said that they loved their day and the close interaction with the animals.  They went off with a complimentary DVD of over 120 images of their animal encounters – and hopefully a lifetime of memories in their hearts.  We hope the family will be back again next year!  I’ve included a few images below: 

Brooke Fleming

Yesterday six year old Brooke (who is just like a little Angel) was treated to a Junior Wildlife Experience by her Nan – Sue.  The family have been regular visitors to the Park over many years and Sue is a seasonal member of staff with us.  Joined by Mum, Tammy we had a lovely time during Brooke’s animal encounters; an absolute natural with the animals, Brooke is calm, gentle and quietly confident – instilling confidence and positive responses all round!  Although only six years old, Brooke already has plans to become ‘an underwater vet’ – she envisages getting a pilots license to allow her to fly into remote places to treat marine animals in out-of-the-way locations.  What a fantastic vision to have at such a young age – good luck to you Brooke – and we look forward to seeing lots more of you and your two equally lovely sisters in 2012 and the years ahead.  Here’s a sample of images:

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