Thursday, 19 May 2011

Our second “Wildest Place for a Special Date”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Rachel & Simon with Penguins DSC_0603                                            Dippy peeking through gate DSC_0606

Yesterday marked the second of our new “Wildest Place for a Special Date”  experiences!  We were very pleased to welcome Rachel and Simon to Seaview Wildlife for the day.  The special date was a surprise – a treat from Rachel to Simon – in celebration of his 40th birthday!  Here are a few of the day’s images and the letter we received from Simon last evening.  Thank you to both Rachel and Simon for being such wonderful guests – we look forward to seeing you back at the Park again soon!


Rachel & Simon feeding Penguins DSC_0659








Rachel photographing Meerkat DSC_0645 

Rachel & Simon with Meerkats DSC_0634

Rachel & Simon feeding Wallabies DSC_0721


Rachel & Simon feeding Wallabies (& Duck!) DSC_0709 

Rachel & Simon with Alfie DSC_0616    Simon & Rachel with Alpacas DSC_0701

Simon & Rachel with Olly the Goat DSC_0706Rachel & Simon looking outside Harvest Mice enclosure DSC_0692

Rachel & Simon (resized) DSC_0726 Rachel & Simon (resized) DSC_0729


“Dear Jules

Thank you very much for everything you and your team did for Rachel and I today to make my 40th birthday celebration so memorable.  We had an absolutely fantastic day – getting so close to the animals was an amazing experience, everyone made us feel very welcome and very special, and lunch was delicious.  It was great to discover each animal’s character and to learn about them in more detail, and how well you care for all of the animals.  I still think that goats look at me funny, but at least I now know that they aren’t quite as scary as I thought they were.  The “wildest place for a special date” is a brilliant idea and would make a fabulous experience for anyone.  We will definitely visit again with the children.  Thank you for the brilliant photos, they have given us both a wonderful way to remember our special day.

Good luck for the rest of the season and we hope to see you again soon.

Kind Regards

Simon & Rachel”

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