Saturday, 14 May 2011

Our first “Wildest Place for a Special Date” V.I.P. guests!!

Kate & Alex with Penguins 0543 - Copy  Alex & Kate with Meerkats 0523

Yesterday marked the first of our brand new “Wildest Place for a Special Date” experiences!  We had everything planned and ready for this special occasion -  and were really excited to welcome our first V.I.P. guests, Alex Marlow and Kate Thomas.  Rather than attempting to report back on the event, perhaps it would more meaningful to share the wonderful letter we received from Kate this morning, along with a few of the images of the day:

Alex & Kate with Piggies 0491

Kate with Wallabies 0475 - Copy


“Hi Jules,
Thank you for the email and photos, they're wonderful. Alex with Damien on her head 0563
I wanted to email you to thank you and the team at Seaview Wildlife Encounter, for such an amazing day yesterday. It was, as you know, a complete surprise to me but couldn't have been a better birthday present from Alex and my frieKate & Alex with Priscilla 0568 - Copynds at work.
You were a fabulous host and guide and all the team treated us so specially we really did feel like V.I.Ps, thank you so much for all your time.
It was such a privilege to get us close and personal with all the furry, feathery and even scaly residents of the park (I had to be very restrained in not smuggling a Joey or field mouse home in my bag!) and such a pleasure to see how well cared for the all animals are and learn about your breeding programs and participation in endangered animal scheme, I hope that you succeed in all your endeavors anKate with Henry Cooper 0572d will be recommendKate with duckling 0461 - Copying a visit to the park as a must to all my family and friends.  
I think the V.I.P. day is a brilliant idea for any special occasion and although Alex organised the surprise she too was delighted with the fabulous lunch and the flowers and champagne really did top the day off. I am now thinking of possible opportunities where I can have an excuse to do it all again and have already told my husband that we have to visit again soon so we can see how little Henry Cooper is doing!
Thank you again for such a wonderful experience.
Kindest regards and best wishes, Kate Thomas”



           Tracy, Alex, Kate and Sally 0575VIP lunch table for Kate & Alex 0570


Thank you to both Kate and Alex for being such wonderful V.I.P. guests – we look forward to welcoming you back to Seaview Wildlife again really soon!


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