Saturday, 1 August 2009

A Visit from The Vet

As you can imagine things aren't always smooth sailing whem working with such a wide range of animals. As much as we try to prevent the ill health of the animals we look after, sometimes we need the expert advice from our local vet...Dr Green.

Over the years the keepers at the park have successfully hand reared a number of Humboldt Penguin chicks. This year however we have had one with a difference! One of our 9 Penguin chicks appeared to have an unusual lump on its back. The penguin doesn't seem to be in any discomfort and loves his fish and swimming but thought it wise to have Dr Green advise us on his condition and the effects it may have on his welfare in the future. Dr Green assured us that he wasn't in any pain and that it was a spine deformity that needs to be closely monitored. Unfortunatly he won't be able to breed in the future so he will remain with us at the Park.

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