Friday, 14 August 2009



I so wanted to email you to say what a wonderful place the Park is.

We came today 12th August myself, my sister, my daughter, her partner and their 1 year old son Archie.

We had such a wonderful day. I have never been somewhere that is so hands on. We as adults loved it as did Archie. The animals and birds are so well looked after and are so happy you can tell ~ they let you touch them and love it! The Park is clean and so well presented and all this for £6 is amazing. I have NEVER stroked a wallaby before, or fed penguins. To be able to feed the birds with the seed was just amazing cannot believe they keep eating all day!

Bargain price, wonderful park would reccommend to everyone. Thank you for a wonderful day out and the wonderful job that you all do there with such passion.

Kind regards,

A visitor from Winchester, Hampshire.

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  1. Hey this visitor was me ! LOL
    It truly is a wonderful place