Sunday, 15 February 2015

Penguin breeding season is on a roll….

This time of the year is messy chaos at the penguin enclosure.   The keeper team carefully build the penguin nests by putting a brick area in each nesting cave and line the inside out with fresh clean hay.  Then the mayhem starts!  Penguins love to steal each others nesting material.  Once a penguin leaves the cave the sneaky penguin waddles as fast as he can into another cave to pinch the fresh hay and rush back to his cave without being caught!  It’s hilarious to watch… 

If caught, there is a stand off and a squabble and the naughty penguin is sent packing very quickly!  After a while things settle down when the female is ready to lay her first egg and the nest is built to their exact standard!

nesting material 2 nesting material 1 nesting material 3

Our first penguin egg of 2015 was laid yesterday on Valentines Day!

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