Thursday, 24 July 2014

Dippys Saturday Night Disco at the Pepper Pot

The disco started at 9.30pm, just after sunset. Myself and a group of friends had invited lots and lots of animals from all over the Island to come to this massive party located high up on the Downs overlooking the West Wight coastline. The venue being the Pepperpot !!

Dippy at Pepperpot 030913 01 isle of wight milky way
Inside DJ Squirrel was on the music set with his records ready to blast out some pumping tunes that would get everyone dancing. Above his mixing table high up in the roof of the Pepperpot hung a rotating mirror ball which transcended rainbow coloured lights through the small stone window gaps within the walls. The disco lights illuminated all the surrounding fields and valley below and above in the summers night sky the Milky Way twinkled and glittered which made the whole disco party truly amazing!
We served drinks from a tent situated around the back of the Pepperpot, fizzy lemonade with ice and lemon and Pringles as a tasty snack.
The music rocked and everyone was dancing, DJ Squirrel played some awesome tunes which must have been heard from miles around. Pink smoke covered the grass released from a disco dance pump, I couldn’t see my flippers for most of the night!
The party went on until dawn, everyone helped pack up the disco gear and then we all set off on our journeys home for some much needed sleep!!

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