Sunday, 23 March 2014


Dippy Yaverland low res
Myself, Frank, Sammy and Dean my Otter friends all fancied a night out so on Saturday we took a trip over to Sandown.  I had booked a table at the Chinese Restaurant in the High Street as it had be recommended to me by several keepers at the park.
Our table was situated next to a huge fish tank full of colourful tropical fish.  The colour of their scales were fluorescent blues, pinks and greens.  It was a delight to watch them swimming in and out of the green reeds.
The meal was fantastic, all freshly prepared and the service was superb!  We treated ourselves to a bottle of beer each and after the meal we had a liqueur from the bar.  It was wonderful and we left a very big tip for the waiter with some free complimentary passes to visit my Park!  We wandered down the street which was lit up by the full moon shining down brightly high above in the star filled sky.
Frank, Sammy and Dean suggested a night time dip in the sea at Yaverland seeing as it was such a pleasant evening.  The tide was far out and the sand had been molded by the waves into gentle rolling ripples across the beach floor, onto which the moonlight shone down and reflected in the pools of still water.
As my friends swam in the sea I wandered along to the very end of the beach where I looked up to the extremely high diamond white chalk culver cliffs that loomed over me – it was truly enormous!  The Otters had finished their swim and were resting on the sand so I made my way back towards them.  The evening had been wonderful but now we were tired so we made our way back to the Park.  We wished each other goodnight and feel fast asleep in our comfy warm beds!

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