Saturday, 7 December 2013

Extracts from Dippy’s Adventures on the Isle Of Wight

Dippy at Totland Bay (2) This afternoon I met up with my rabbit friends who live in burrows amongst the ferns on Headon Warren which overlooks Totland Bay. Their names are Rabbit Rocket and Rabbit Raspberry.
We sat together on the worn wooden planks of the boat ramp and gazed at the gently rocking waves as they splashed up onto the shore. The sun was beginning to set and  light up the sky turning the clouds to colours of yellow, orange, and pinks. It was starting to feel a little bit chilly, I looked up towards the sky and felt the suns last rays of warmth upon my face before the evening cold began to set in.
Rocket Rabbit suggested a quick game of hide and seek to warm our little bodies up before going on our journeys home to be back in time for dinner. What a super idea!
I said I would count to 100 and promised not to peek as I covered my eyes with my flippers.
It took me quite a while to find the rabbits, there were so many hiding places under all the upside down wooden boats resting against the iron railings on the pebbled Bay. Eventually I found them under the pier hiding really high up on one of the large wooden structural beams. They waved down at me and both had very cheeky smiles on their faces!
Before saying our goodbyes the rabbits helped me fill up 5 jam jars I had brought with me in my rucksack. It was a special treat for the otters at the Park, Frank, Sammy and Dean they absolutely love to bathe in fresh sea water and they asked me to pick some up for them on my trip out today.
I carefully tightened each metal lid of the jars and packed them into my bag. I said goodbye to my friends, wished them a safe journey home and set off towards Seaview.

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