Friday, 8 February 2013

Whitgift School Will Wonder at our Wight Wallaby!

Willaby tubby tum

We meet some interesting people and deal with some very interesting Companies in our job!  Yesterday was no exception… two very colourful characters came from the most amazing school in Croydon to collect a female white wallaby to join their male. 

If you are a parent and have a son and have a spare £30,000 a year why not check out the video link below to see what Whitgift School could offer!  From the words of Sir David Attenborough… “ An astonishing school”

"  Hello Lorraine  It was really nice to meet up with you and what a great place you have I could not stop talking about it.  Told Ann she would like to come and see my new friends a pair of pigs!  The Wallaby travelled home well and seems to have settled in and has got the males in their places.  So far everybody who has met her says she is the sweetest Wallaby ever.  I am meeting the head master Tuesday to tell about our trip and will let you know what is next on my shopping list.

Once again thank you - Graham"

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