Saturday, 1 December 2012

Four Wallabies on the move


Yesterday Matt from Specialist Wildlife Services came to the Park with his friend and volunteer Debra to collect four male wallabies from our productive Mob. We have a very successful breeding programme each year with these marsupials and over crowding in Wallaby Walkabout and in-breeding are the reasons behind the decision to move some of the surplus males on to new homes.
Many thanks to Matt who has a very interesting Job travelling around the UK and to Europe to rescue all sorts of creatures from Annie the Elephant to bears, wolves down to tiny hedgehogs!  Our ‘boys’ have arrived safely at the Berkshire Agriculture College that is a Vet training college and hosts an animal management course.  Our Wallabies are going to be seriously loved, pampered and very well looked after!

Our Chilean Flamingo Chick is doing so so well – you may remember some blogs back that we told you about our little orphaned Chilean Chick.  He is doing really well – feeding by himself and is very vocal and responsive.  We have all grown rather fond of him ( or her we are not sure yet!)  His legs have become dry and Matt suggested yesterday that we stand him in water for a while each day.  In the wild they would be in water for many hours dabbling and searching for food so the next best thing the Keepers could think of was standing the little flamingo in a bucket of warm water!  He didn’t seem to mind one bit and just  stood very still and quiet.

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