Wednesday, 15 February 2012

First Wallaby Joey of 2012!

Today’s gorgeous winter sunshine has warmed every one of us here at the Park – the livestock and the members of the animal care team! Not only that, but the sun’s rays have encouraged a couple of our tiny Wallaby Joeys to peek out from their mothers’ pouches – announcing their arrival in the world and staking their claim as the newest members of our well-known and well-loved Wallaby mob!

By the time the Park re-opens to the public on 1st April this year the young Joeys will be ready to greet our guests, hopping in and out of the pouches, ready to be stroked and photographed! As regular visitors will know everyone can get up-close to our gentle Wallabies – stroke them and help to feed them – and it’s all included in our standard entrance cost.

Don’t miss a visit to Seaview Wildlife Encounter’s original Wallaby Walkabout this spring or summer – it’s the Isle of Wight’s closest Wallaby encounter – where the Bennett’s Wallabies roam and mingle amongst our visitors! Looking forward to seeing you – spring’s not that far away now!

In winter sun Feb 2012 DSC_0276 In winter sun Feb 2012

Two of our female Bennett’s Wallabies dozing in the warmth of the midday sunshine earlier today

DSC_0281 DSC_0282

DSC_0287 DSC_0295

The images above show the mother Wallaby tending to her young Joey whilst it peeks out of her pouch. What a privilege to witness such tender moments as these – and to be able to share the images with you our Blog readers!

Images: Jules Brittan, G.M., Seaview Wildlife Encounter.

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