Thursday, 5 January 2012

Male of the Mob a little poorly!

Our extra large stud wallaby has been a little ‘ off colour ‘ the past few days so we have brought him into a separate area and the Keepers are giving him lots of TLC.

He started to wobble a little on his legs so he is on a course of antibiotics – as you can see from the image above Fern is syringing the medicine into him and feeding him up on all of his favourite foods – special wallaby pellets and lots of hay with fresh fruit and vegetables ~ he is totally spoilt but so worth it.

He is so ‘laid back’ in true Aussie style (these marsupials originate from Australia and Tasmania) and he is a gentle giant, so passive and calm. He seems to like all the fuss and extra attention! Lets hope he is back on his feet soon and hopping around with the rest of the wallaby mob!

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